MKD's Contact Sheet


016 065 0118 |
Cnr Delius and Chopin Str Colosseum
Centre Vanderbijlpark

Mon-Fri ; 09H00-17H00

Sat ; 09H00-13H00 (By appointment only)
Sundays and Public Holidays (Closed)

Garden route

083 730 1351 |
(Studio premises opening soon)

Mon-Thu ; 8H00-17H00
Fri ; 8H00-14H00
(Temporary trading hours)
Sat/Sun and Public Holidays (Closed)

THe Creative team behind mkd

Pieter erasmus
(Director and founder)

Mechanical Engineer by trade, perfectionist by nature, living his dream. Life has thrown Pieter into different career paths in his early years, but art, creativity and his love for people keeps his fire burning for the kitchen industry. As an above average sportsman, family man and entrepreneur, Pieter believes that one should be self-driven and well-balanced. “Whatever you do, be sure that you enjoy life” If he’s not exploring God`s creation on his Mountain Bike or his running shoes, he focuses on his family and his passion for MKD.

By applying his strong Christian values to MKD, Pieter is able to get the most out of people surrounding him, helping them to reach their full potential and inspiring them to be the best in their field. Through his leadership he managed to build a dynamic MKD team that enjoys their clients, love what they do whilst living the victorious life God intended for them. “Challenge yourself continuously to ensure growth!” Pieter is a Gospel songwriter and artist. He and his wife Annette has a powerful ministry, filled with miracles, signs and wonders. Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ… He lives by: “For my determined purpose is that I may know Him…”

Philippians 3:10


JP (25) is not just your ordinary Joe. Tenacious about his endeavours, he puts his back into the challenges life provides, all while ensuring his wittiness shines through.

Jp is driven by growth and applies this to his managing position at MKD, “Every day is a day to improve”

He finds pleasure in assuring his clients with a life-time quality product, on his one of a kind designs. With any task he’s challenged, he won’t yield until he impresses.


Samual (44) Modest and Ambitious about life, he is driven to learn from every situation he is faced with.

His Surname, Mtimkulu, in relation to the afrikaans word “Grootboom”, explains how Carpentry is a part of Who he is.

The appreciation for the art escalated when he was attending woodworking classes in school. Samual strives to provide his client’s with a sense of comfortability as he goes the extra mile for quality.

...for ye are not under the law, but under grace. Thank you Jesus for Your restoration work on the cross and for establishing this amazing New Covenant with us.

Rom 6:14