Shape the structure of an object

By combining two or more shapes, forms can be created and accentuated. Especially with the help of other elements like texture, patterns and colors. MKD added balance with multiple forms to the design space, which creates a sense of harmony.

Texture the visual desrciption of detail

We manipulate different textures to create the desired effect of style and elegance. In this design MKD used the dominant linen texture to define a mood of comfort, while the contrasting wooden texture is included to avoid monotony.

Light the illumination

Light is a powerful tool, MKD carefully plans lighting to set a certain mood for the designed space, Not only is it used aesthetically, but also scientifically to effectively light your interiors. Incorporating natural & artificial lighting, represents warmth in the overall sentiment.

Lines, the path traced by movement

This design element provides a different movement or effect on the feeling of a room. The Dynamic lines in this MKD design encourages the eye to notice the pattern. Zigzag lines provide energy to the room, while straight lines promotes balance.

Space, the use of emptiness in aesthetics and function

Creating the perfect balance is one of the most important design elements MKD incorporates. The sense of seperation between elements makes a design more visually appealing and usable. Space provides perspective, dimension and volume to the interior.

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